Our Story

In 2009 Keith Farrish noticed that, while many things in life made him happy, few compared to driving his tractor. This seemed especially odd, given his 20 years spent in the buttoned-up business world. But there in his tractor cab, looking out at 100 acres of open fields, Keith entertained this thought: "What would life look like if I spent every day working the land?" 

Turns out it looks a lot like Saddle Ridge Farm. 

Seven years and a few thousand farm animals later we have Saddle Ridge Farm - a small family farm where Wendy and Keith Farrish raise pigs, chickens, and cows in the open pasture. Our goal is to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of those who choose to consume our products. 

Our mission is to produce nutrient dense foods that are a result of taking care of our land and our animals in a way that predates newer, "modern" farming practices. In order to get back to nature's farming templates, we allow our animals to graze and migrate to new parts of the land and when they've left an area, it has time to heal, recover and build soil nutrients that will make it healthier.