Location and History

Nestled in the Piedmont River Valley between the Rappahannock and Rapidan Rivers, Culpeper is just an hour from DC, Charlottesville, and Fredericksburg. Lush, rolling hills with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance provides the perfect backdrop for a town known for it’s farm-to-table restaurants and Civil War history.

Saddle Ridge has been in operation since 2010, but the land has been in the Farrish family for over 40 years. We started with just 6 cows, 6 hogs, 12 hens, and 25 broilers. In 2013, we grew to 50 cows, 40 hogs, 100 hens, and processed 600 broilers. And we haven’t finished growing yet!

In 2016 we grew to 100 cows, 80 hogs and 1,000 hens.  As for chickens, we are schedule to process even more broilers this season and we will continue to grow to meet customer demand.