Cost to Process a Whole Hog

Typically our animals are pasture raised until they weigh approximately 250 – 300 lbs live with an average hanging weight of 180-200 lbs. A whole hog will yield approximately 120 – 130 lbs of meat, and a half hog is typically 65 – 75 lbs of meat. There are many variables that play into the actual finished weight such as the size of the pig, and how you choose to have the meat processed and packaged.

The processor's fees are in addition to the actual purchase of the hog, and those fees are approximately $ .80 per pound plus additional fees for smoking, sausage making, etc. These fees must be paid directly to them at the time of pickup. Please be aware that the meat will be frozen and you will need to bring coolers, so plan accordingly when picking it up. A whole hog will typically fit into a 5.3 cu ft freezer. 

Here is the breakdown of the cost: 

What you pay to Saddle Ridge Farm - $3.50/lb on the hang weight
Average hang weight 180 – 210 lbs
+ Plus + 
What you pay the Processor/Butcher

You will be responsible for the processing fees which will be invoiced separately after your meat has been packaged and properly weighed.

Processing breakdown is as follows for pork:
$.80/lb fee on hang weight
$50 Kill fee
$.15/lb label and vacuum seal fee on finish weight
$2.50/lb on finish weight to cure and smoke
$1.65/lb Breakfast links
$1.50/lb Grillers

Example on 220lb Hang Weight
(1)  Our Charge of $3.50/lb x 200 = $735
(2)  Processor Charge
     a.     Butcher Fee – 210lbs x $.80 = $168
     b.     Kill Fee - $50
     c.     Bacon 20lbs x $2.50 = $50
     d.     Sausage (Optional) 30lbs x 1.50 = $45 

Total cost from Processor = $313
Total cost from Saddle Ridge = $735
Total = $1048.00**

** Estimate Only! Based on weight and how you choose to process the hog. 

For ½ of a hog, just cut the total price in half.